How can I Identify Stream-Only Vids and Memberships?

Identify Stream Only Vids

To identify if a vid is Stream Only (not available for download), visit the vid page. 

Below the vid, it will say "Steam Only" to the right of the resolution.

This note indicates that a vid cannot be downloaded.

Identify Stream Only Vid Bundles

To identify if a Vid Bundle is Stream Only, click on "Get My XX Vids" under the MV Star's profile picture and you will see a pop-up box that says "Get instant access to XX Stream Only vids plus exclusive and new vids added during your Vid Bundle." 

If it does not specify "Stream Only" it means the vids included in the Vid Bundle are available to download.

Please note, MV Stars have the ability and discretion to change their vids and/or Vid Bundle to stream-only or downloadable at any time. 


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