Updated Articles

  1. Member-Specific FAQs

  2. MV Live Landing Page

    How to find your way around MV Live!
  3. Getting Started

  4. Site Basics: Search tool

    All the details on MV's site search tool.
  5. Purchases

  6. How do I load/use MV Wallet?

    How to load and use your MV Wallet!
  7. How do I tip a Creator during a live show?

    How to tip on MV Live!
  8. How do I tip a Creator during a live show?

    To tip a Creator during a live session, you'll first need Tokens, the currency for MV Live.  Tokens can be purchased from any live room by clicking the "Buy Tokens" button at the bottom left. Your tipping options on MV Live!...
  9. I was blocked by a Creator, what do I do?

    What to do when you've been blocked by a Creator.
  10. Why do I get "This MV Profile has been blocked for your region" when trying to visit a Creator's profile?

    What to do when a Creator has blocked your region.

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