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  1. Purchases

  2. How do I load/use MV Wallet?

    How to load and use your MV Wallet!
  3. Account Settings

  4. How do I follow a profile on MV?

    You'll want to follow other profiles on MV in order to see regular updates from your favorite MV Creators. As a Creator, you can also view social activity from Members on MV. To follow an account, simply click "Follow"...
  5. Member-Specific FAQs

  6. Where can I find my Loved and previously viewed vids?

    How to find your loved vids and view your vid history.
  7. Members - Premium Content Library

    Everything you need to know about your Premium Content Library!
  8. How do I access the vids in a Membership I just purchased?

    Just purchased a Membership from a Creator? Read here to see how you can access your content!
  9. Login Troubleshooting

  10. Getting Started

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