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  1. How do I follow a profile on MV?

    You'll want to follow other profiles on MV in order to see regular updates from your favorite MV Creators. As a Creator, you can also view social activity from Members on MV. To follow an account, simply click "Follow"...
  2. Where can I find my Loved and previously viewed vids?

    How to find your loved vids and view your vid history.
  3. How do I update my email preference settings?

    How to update your marketing email settings!
  4. Free Tokens with Vid Purchases

    Everything you need to know about our Free Tokens offer!
  5. Login Issue - Invalid Credentials

    How to resolve an "Invalid credentials" login error.
  6. MV Live Landing Page

    How to find your way around MV Live!
  7. Members - Premium Content Library

    Everything you need to know about your Premium Content Library!
  8. Where can I find vids that I liked?

    If you've been liking and clicking on those hearts on your favorite vids, you'll have the option to view them from within your profile page! You can find the list of vids that you liked by: Go to your Profile (dropdown > My Profile) L...
  9. Login Issues

    You may be unable to login to your MV account for various reasons. Here are some helpful links to assist you with your login issue,  Invalid Credentials Unrecognized Location If ever you need more assistance you can always reach out to ...
  10. How do I remove my credit card detail from Rocketpay?

    How to remove your saved credit card info from the MV checkout.

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